Sunday, June 1, 2014

Update. Crazy couple of weeks in May!

It has been a couple of crazy weeks and I have been behind on my blogging. So I thought I would write an update of what has been going on here in Rexburg. I had an awesome baby shower a couple of weeks ago and felt so blessed to see so many old friends and our baby was so spoiled! We are definitely feeling a little more prepared. I wish I had more pictures, I can’t believe I completely forgot during the shower. The only thing I managed to get a picture of was the cute decorations. My sister-in-laws and Mother-in-law made it perfect.
The next week was pretty hectic. We started it off by nearly blowing a tire on our way back to Rexburg. As we were leaving, Brady noticed that things just didn't feel right with our car and pulled over to find a major bulge out of one of the tires. We ended up swapping cars with his parents and they took our car in to get a new tire. Well, we knew after we had originally bought the tires that they were not the best but you do what you do to save money, right? Bad idea. We ended up having to replace all four tires! Grr. Very very frustrating. Especially when we found out we were going to have to buy all new tires I was picking up Brady to take him to the hospital for gall bladder surgery.
Brady has had some serious stomach aches for a long time and we have been searching for a solution. A couple weeks before we went in to have his gall bladder tested and the doctor recommended he have it removed. We are hoping it will solve his issues, fingers crossed! I don’t think either of us were prepared for his recovery, though. It was a long hard week as he was really sore and in pain. I took the next day off to be “nurse” and unfortunately didn’t end up being all that great help as I came down with Bronchitis. Not a fun combination with pregnancy, both Brady and I were a mess coughing and sneezing. I ended up having to take off the whole week from work and we laid around just trying to feel a little better. Friday night we decided we felt well enough to head to Burley so we could be there for one of his cousin’s baby shower, another cousin’s homecoming, and switch cars with his parents. It was really great to be able to celebrate these events with his family and to relax a little. We always have a really good time with his brother and sisters and made a campfire and barbecued.
When we got back Monday night we finally set up our crib! The weekend of my baby shower Brady’s mom and I spend the afternoon painting and refinishing the crib and it turned out so awesome! I can’t wait to finish the nursery. We have been busy working on things here and there and it is coming together. I will show a little sneak peek of the mobile and window above his crib and hopefully in a week or two I can reveal the whole thing!
First time we set it up! We ended up buying a used crib on KSL on our trip to Salt Lake and scored a great deal. It was a nice crib but I really wanted a vintage/white crib and make it all our own.
All done! It turned out so cute, better then I ever imagined! We used Annie Sloan chalk paint and finished with soft wax. I am in love with this stuff and can't wait to re-finish more pieces.

Little sneak peak! We scored that cute window at the DI for $5! And we made the mobile for $10, I am just loving it and can't wait to show more of the fun things we have done. (The banner is a little hint of his name...)

We are on the mend here and staying busy. Brady has a busy semester and I have a list of things I want to get done before the little guy arrives!

Thought I would throw a picture of these tasty cupcakes Brady made for his cousin's homecoming lunch! Way better then Hostess! He is seriously such a good cook (puts my cooking to shame). I have been thinking of posting some of his recipes cause they are so delicious. I am one lucky lady!

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