Sunday, June 1, 2014

thirty-five weeks.

How Far Along? 35 weeks (ok almost 36…I am way behind)
Total Weight Gain: 21 pounds
Maternity Clothes? Nope.
Stretch Marks? No, but I feel so stretched. I don’t know where this little guy is going to grow!
Sleep: None. Ha! Really though, I am so sore laying down.
Best Moment of the Week: Setting up the nursery! We are just about finished and I am loving it.
Miss Anything? Sleep and energy.
Movement: All the time still! He still loves to stretch out all the time. He pushes his feet super hard on my right side and his bum on my left. He must be so cramped!
Food Cravings: Starting to lose my appetite because I feel like my stomach is so squished but one of the most suprising cravings I have had is hamburgers! Anyone who knows me knows I am not a big meat eater and have never been that into hamburgers but they have never tasted better!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Onions have started to really make me queasy.
Gender: Mini Brady
Labor Signs: I am so ready to say YES! Only a few more weeks J
Symptoms: The doctor said the baby is measuring right on track so that is a pretty good symptom! We can’t wait to meet and hold him.
Belly Button In or Out? Out
Wedding Rings On or Off? On
Happy or Moody Most of The Time: Happy but tired and feeling so awkward
Looking Forward To: Meeting our baby!!

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