Thursday, May 30, 2013

Goodbye Salt Lake...hello Rexburg.

May was quite the month for us! It has been busy but even better one of the most fun months of being married! On April 27 we packed the Uhaul and left our tiny apartment in Salt Lake and headed four hours north to Rexburg, ID. And I have to say we were pretty apprehensive about the move, worried that we wouldn't find much in Rexburg from moving from the SLC. But I think we are both loving it more then we had thought. We love the smaller town feel and especially NO traffic, hardly any driving, and our apartment. I admit we are missing the shopping ESPECIALLY Smith's, Target, Costco, Winco and the farmer's markets. It was so fun to go to the mall and go downtown and walk around temple square whenever we pleased. I loved compare shopping at all the different grocery stores (oh and I am missing Trader Joe's) and seeing all the diversity of people there. We loved going to the farmer's markets and people were selling goodies from their culture, we always loved trying stuff from India, the south, Asia, and Africa. We miss seeing the great big mountains and driving down by Parley's canyon and jogging to Wheeler farm to play frisbee and see the farm there. But most of all we are missing are good friends and family, Nick and Brecca and their cute cute kids, Beckett and Bostyn. Brady's brother Seth and his girlfriend Nikki, my Grandma and Grandpa who were right down the road and saved me multiple times when my car broke down and spoiled us with treats and goodies and my sister Emily. I loved going to see her and knowing that we were close to one another. These are the things that make me miss SLC soooo much. But I can't even begin to describe how good I feel about being here and look forward to all the fun things we will experience here. Brady is doing awesome in school and I was blessed with a really awesome job as a loan officer at a local credit union. We live right around the corner from it and I can't even begin to say how nice it is to come home for lunch everyday and not drive through traffic. We love what Rexburg has and the school and we are very excited to be here.

 This was outside our apartment complex in SLC. It really was a pretty little complex. 

 Nick and Brecca came over to help us move and say goodbye :(  We miss them already!

 Goodbye Aparment 17Y...excuse my nasty face, I wasn't getting ready that day.

 Our Rexburg apartment, thus far...I am still working on decorating.

But we love the nice big kitchen!

A week after moving in we got to go to a concert at BYU-I. It was the Piano Guys, who we have always been big fans of and it was so good!...This was leaving for the concert.

And that weekend we went home to Burley to watch my sis, Abby, dance in her senior recital. I was so proud of her! And so proud of Brady for going with me and sitting through the whole thing!!! It probably was not the most exciting place to be for him, my dad and brothers but we loved seeing Abs.

They did the ballet, Circus Mystique...I'm not exactly sure that's how you spell it! But she did awesome!!

We headed back to Rexburg for the week and then turned around and came back to see one of my best friends, Dani, and her wedding happy for her! She was beautiful, her reception was perfect and I loved seeing her so happy! Brady and I are hoping to go to Pocatello soon and have dinner with the cute couple! That Sunday I went to Abby's baccalarete, I KNOW that's not how you spell it. It was so fun seeing her in her cap and gown. She has made everyone very proud she is such a smarty pants and is going to do great things. I couldn't be happier that she will be up here in Rexburg in January, it will be great to have a sister near by again :)

 Abby and her cute graduating friends!

We are excited for June and a little bit quieter month...and it will be our one year anniversary! I want to celebrate the WHOLE month :)

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