Thursday, May 8, 2014


The middle of last month Brady and I took a trip down to Salt Lake City for our “babymoon.” I cannot even begin to explain how much this was needed and I realized we had needed it even more when we were down there! I had some days I could take off work so Friday afternoon we drove down…and I might add that I only made him stop once for me to stretch! We were welcomed by perfect warm weather and had the best evening walking around downtown Salt Lake. We wanted to walk around LDS Business College, as Brady went to school there when we lived in Salt Lake. And walked right into Spring graduation! We walked around the school and may have helped ourselves to the giant food buffet they had going on :) After a couple hours of wandering around Gateway we headed to my Grandma’s house where we were staying. I was so ready to sit down! My feet were a swollen mess and throbbing. We relaxed for awhile before heading to “In and Out” for a shake. Yum! (This was the beginning of some delicious food and I never once even felt guilty, I had the best time!)
The next day we spend the day baby shopping at TJ Maxx, Ross, Ikea, Kid to Kid and countless other stores. We even ran into a golf demo day at Mulligan's Golf Course and Brady was able to hit range balls for a little bit. We had the best day together and I think we both enjoyed the baby shopping! It was so fun to find such great deals and to start to feel prepared for our little man.

Sunday we went downtown to the Spoken Word and explored Temple Square and the Visitor’s Center we spent the afternoon with my grandparents, eating pizza and watching The Masters. (I might have slipped in a nap at this point!) That evening we found a crib on Craigslist and went and picked it up. (It was the best deal! I am refinishing with my mother-in-law next weekend and I seriously cannot wait!!) We went over to Brady’s cousin’s house afterward and played with her kids and visited her. She and I became super close when we lived in Salt Lake and it was awesome to see her.
Monday and Tuesday are honestly a blur of eating out at our favorite places: Chipotle, Pei Wei, Noodles, In and Out and the best was Brady made a reservation at Ruth’s Chris for us to go and get their banana cream pie. If you have never had this you are truly missing out, it is amazing!! Tuesday night almost my whole family was at my Grandma’s and we had a really fun visit before my parents flew out to South Carolina to meet the new baby in the family! (My sister Molly had a baby boy at the end of March, I am excited to see our little guys together!)

We did do some really fun things too besides just shopping. We went golfing and to the zoo and these were my favorite memories! It was slightly bittersweet to think of this being the last vacation Brady and I would take together for a long time. We really have the best time together, I feel so lucky to have married someone who is my best friend and we can be silly and goofy together.  We are very blessed to be bringing this little boy into our family and I can’t wait to see the love we have for each other extended to him and know that it will make our family feel so complete. I can’t wait for the day when we can take him golfing for the first time or see his reaction at the zoo.
I had heard about doing a "babymoon" from other couples who said a getaway before the baby was essential and now my advice is have one! I can’t even describe how it brought us closer together and brings so much happiness just to get away and enjoy your spouse!

Also I have to add a huge thank you to my awesome grandparents for letting us stay with them. We were able to visit together every night and get caught up. We love being able to see them and can't wait to visit again with our baby!

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