Monday, May 12, 2014

50 days. (give or take)

Wow! We have 50 days until baby due day! I seriously cannot believe it! I seems so surreal to think that in 50 days I will no longer be working (for the first time since I was 14) and will be home taking care of my son. I am overwhelmed, stressed, excited, and beyond overjoyed that our family is going to grow. So with one of the biggest changes in my life about to occur I can’t help but countdown. I am truly savoring the last days with just Brady and I, I know there will be moments when I will miss them and think of the days when it was just the two of us, but I also know that once this baby is here we wouldn’t be able to imagine life without him. So, here are my 50 reasons why I am counting down:
50) 50 days of going to work and having my back ache all through the afternoon
49) 50 days of making my baby “to do” list and checking it twice
48) 50 days of dreading putting on my shoes, or painting my toenails, or picking up something on the floor because I will have to bend over and feel like I just got punched in the gut
47) 50 days of being able to eat a little extra because “the baby needs it”
46) 50 days of not wanting to go to bed because I know I will wake up in a couple hours with aching hips
45) 50 days before I can dress our little boy in his first outfit
44) 50 days of hearing strange comments from people about pregnancy
43) 50 days of lying in bed feeling baby roll, kick and stretch
42) 50 days before I can sit, lay, walk comfortably
41) 50 days of just coming home to Brady
40) 50 days of finding something to wear in the morning
39) 50 days before I get to put a teeny tiny diaper on his teeny tiny bottom
38) 50 days of stressing if everything is going to be alright
37) 50 days of nursery planning
36) 50 days of thinking of labor/delivery and the pain
35) 50 days talking pregnancy through countless texts with my sister, Molly
34) 50 days of exercising and losing my breath every 5 minutes
33) 50 days until I get to smother our baby with baby lotion
32) 50 days of worrying about my job ending
31) 50 days of spending wasted time in the shower
30) 50 days of imaging what my belly button used to look like
29) 50 days of hearing Brady talk to the belly
28) 50 days of feeling “huge”
27) 50 days of hearing peoples sweet congratulations
26) 50 days of feeling sharp jabs of little elbows and knees
25) 50 days before I can kiss our baby’s sweet face
24) 50 days of feeling hot all the time (not hot in a good way. No definitely not feeling this way.)
23) 50 days of endless TV watching, pinteresting, and browsing blogs
22) 50 days of dreading the “exacto” scale at the doctor’s office
21) 50 days before I give my heart to a sweet little boy from heaven
20) 50 days of going to the bathroom every hour
19) 50 days before I get to see Brady hold his mini
18) 50 days left of people offering me food
17) 50 days until 2 hour feedings
16) 50 days before I get to talk in a baby voice
15) 50 days of counting kicks
14) 50 days until we are a family of three
13) 50 days until we see what body after baby is
12) 50 days before I can sing lullabies
11) 50 days of food cravings
10) 50 days before I can sleep on my back again
9) 50 days of long talks in bed with Brady
8) 50 days until I get to see our parents hold their grandson
7) 50 days until I can see my knees again
6) 50 days until I am officially a mama
5) 50 days until I rock my baby to sleep
4) 50 days until we take our first family picture
3) 50 days before the doctor hands him to me
2) 50 days of feeling like newlyweds
1)50 days until our family feels complete

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