Sunday, April 13, 2014

twenty-eight weeks.

How Far Along? 28 weeks! Wow I can’t believe we are in the third trimester. It is flying!
Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds at our appointment today, and the belly is measuring exactly at 28 weeks! 
Maternity Clothes? No, but I have NOTHING to wear.
Stretch Marks? No
Sleep: I don’t like this question. Sleep? What is that? I just toss and turn from hip to hip and I am pretty sure I have restless leg syndrome. I get the worst creepy/crawly feeling in my legs and have to get up.
Best Moment of the Week: Our appointment was great this week. The doctor told us a little more about what the heart specialist had sent back from a few weeks ago and confirmed that baby is super healthy and they aren't really concerned anymore about his calcium deposits…phew! I love our doctor, she has been so great, she talked to us a ton and when she listened to baby’s heartbeat he started going crazy hearing it! It made us all laugh! Oh and I passed my glucose test, I didn’t think it was all that bad. Super sweet…like the Kool Aid my Dad loves to drink!
Miss Anything? Just sleep…
Movement: I love it! He is so active throughout the day, when he is hungry, at night, and in the morning. I just can’t wait to meet him!
Food Cravings: Chocolate/Nutella, applesauce, veggie sandwiches have started to sound really good again!
Anything making you queasy or sick? No!
Gender: boy!
Labor Signs: No…but it is crazy to think in a few weeks I might have an answer to this question.
Symptoms: Giant belly, Giant kicks, Giant appetite.
Belly Button In or Out? Very much out. I can barely hide that thing under clothes now!
Wedding Rings On or Off? On
Happy or Moody Most of The Time: Happy except for when I am so tired…then I might be a teeny bit moody 

Looking Forward To: We are taking our “babymooon” in Salt Lake this weekend! I am very excited and hope to find some good baby deals while were down there and love the idea of just being with Brady and enjoying a last trip with just the two of us!

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