Thursday, April 11, 2013

Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day!

            Valentines Day could not have been more perfect :) I have always loved Valentines Day and I am pretty sure it stems from my mom and dad always spoiling us on that day. We always woke up to a giant breakfast (of course) and a special little gift. I was probably 6 or 7 and I remember going upstairs to giant teddy bears sitting at each one of our breakfast spots with a plate of pancakes in front of them. I remember my mom coming to lots of my Valentine's parties at elementary school where she brought pink ice cubes shaped like hearts in a delicious red drink with the softest most delicious sugar cookies you have ever tasted. We would make an insane amount of heart shaped sugar cookies all wrapped in pink and red and deliver them to our neighbors. I really wanted to celebrate for our first Valentines as Mr. & Mrs. but unfortunately Brady had to work late. It ended up working out great however because we just celebrated again the following Monday on President's Day! Working for a financial institution defiantly has its perks because it's paid holiday! On the morning of Valentines Brady and I woke up to go work out when we got back I went and jumped in the shower when I went out in the kitchen to start breakfast Brady had a bouquet of red and white roses sitting on the counter with a really sweet card and 2 movie tickets to Safe Haven on Monday! I was so excited :) We made french toast with strawberries and bananas and I gave Brady a card and socks with a cheesy little saying on them. I know socks are a little lame but he really needed some new church socks and we gave each other a cheap gift budget. That night when I got home from work I made us dinner of pesto lemon chicken, green beans with shallots, rosemary potatoes and Brady brought home Blue Lemon's delicious mushroom soup. When he got home I had it all set up like a picnic in our living room and he told me it was the best dinner I had ever made! We both licked our plates clean. I was pretty proud of myself. Ha!
            On Monday we went to the matinee for Safe Haven and then to Olive Garden. Love. Olive. Garden. I ate my fair share of carbs and shrimp :) I was sad to see the holiday end. It was such a fun way to celebrate and I don't think we could have spent our first Valentines married any better, except for the fact that my camera ran out of battery and we didn't get any pictures. grr…

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