Thursday, April 11, 2013

January '13

Pretty sad that the next few blogs are all going to be re-caps. They have been written for awhile I just kept putting it off! One day I will be caught up!
We started out the year right. January is usually one of my favorite months. I get so tired of the cold and dark. I am for sure a fair weathed girl and all the cold and snow  is really starting to get old. But even though it has been cold and yucky we have had an awesome first month of 2013. This year already is turning out to be a good one.
We had a New Years Ev party with Brady's cousin Brecca and her husband Nick and we partied it up eating finger food and sparkling cider (crazy mormons!)  We love when we get to spend time with Nick and Brecca we always have the best time with them. And Brady and I are both in love with there little boy, Beckett! We can never get enough of him, he is seriously the happiest most content baby I have ever been around and we loved welcoming the new year with them.
On January 10th Nick and Brecca welcomed their newest addition, Bostyn Tamrie. She is absolutely adorable and she and Beckett are only 14 months apart. How fun! We got to watch Beck for awhile when Brecca was in labor and when we were able to hold Bostyn we were so in love with her. Since then I watched them all by myself and they were the most perfect children ever.
Later in the month we went to Brady's work disco party and it was actually the first dance we have ever been too. (Unless you count our wedding dance??) Anyway, lets just say that Brady can bust a move or two and we had such a fun time. We even won free bowling and pizza!
My most favorite thing we did in January was Brady's sister, Ainsley's baby shower. I was so excited to do the decorations for her and I think it turned out pretty cute. I had never done anything like this before but my mom and sisters, Molly and Abby are pros at party planning and decorating. I have helped with plenty of things like this so I thought I could do it! I spent hours on pinterest trying to find a fun theme and ended up doing a "baby rain shower" theme decorated with raindrops, clouds, umbrellas and decorated in the colors blue and grey. I sort of have a grey obsession. Brady's mom and sister-in-law, Amanda, made the best food and we had a really fun time! (Hopefully pictures to come soon!)
In other news...we got some furniture.I would have loved to write that except I still am not sure how I feel about this. Let's just say it is far from new and something you might see in a retirement home. It all has potential and was free but I am defiantly going to be tried and tested in my pinterest crafting skills!
            Beginning of February we had a super bowl party with Brady's brother, Seth, and his girlfriend, Nikki. I shouldn't even mention all the food we ate but it was so good. I am thinking of maybe posting some of our recipes on here just because we cook so much it would be fun to look back and see all the things we made. And for the most part we are pretty good cooks! haha No worries, though, we aren't turning into blobs quite yet we work out a ton. Brady is crazy and wakes me up at 5:45 every morning and we go to the gym at our apartment complex sometimes when I am feeling lazy I will go after work and run an extra 20 minutes then normal. But Brady is dedicated and I love it, it makes me get my rear in gear or otherwise I would get lost on pinterest instead :) I married a good guy.

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