Thursday, April 11, 2013

St Pattys!

St. Pattys!

(Written before St. Patricks...I'm just finally posting it) Worst blogger ever award??
Anyone who knows my family or my husband knows that Christmas is a REALLY. BIG. DEAL. So big in fact that you would think this was the only holiday that was celebrated but in fact my mother is the master of making any holiday great. I intend to do the same with my own family.
I remember my most favorite St. Patrick’s Days when I was about 10 and my little sister, Abby was around 5 or 6. I remember my dad taking us to the movie store so we could pick out a video to watch and since it was the night before St. Patty’s we found one appropriate for the holiday. It was called Rumplestilskin and I loved this movie so much I probably watched it 12 times before we took it back. I can remember being so excited to watch it I made a song about the movie and on a certain home video I am sitting at the kitchen table holding the beloved movie in my arms, with my eyes closed, singing this song I had made up. To make it even more embarrassing I am in my favorite long pink nightgown that was so see through you can see my underwear and my hair was in tight curlers. I was a special child. Anyway, Abby was way into leprechauns and really wanted to catch one. She even made a trap and made a trail of cabbage to it so the leprechaun would find it. The next morning my mom had removed the cabbage and left a box of lucky charms in the trap instead (she is wonderful). Then on this special day we ate a huge meal of corned beef and cabbage and usually for dessert we would enjoy my great-grandmother’s famous recipe of lime dessert! (Chocolate crust with a sort of key lime frozen cream topping, it is still to this day one of my favorites).
So naturally last year before Brady and I were married I personally made him his FIRST (can you believe that???) corned beef and cabbage meal. I am not sure if he really liked it or was trying to be nice. He did agree to the tradition again this year and I have a good lookin chunk of meat in our fridge and a head of cabbage. I think I am going to mix it up though and do Reuben sandwiches (bring on the sauerkraut!!!!) and roasted cabbage and possibly try a key lime yogurt pie for dessert. Cross your fingers I don’t burn anything!!

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