Tuesday, October 7, 2014

weekend re-cap.

This last weekend was one of my all time favorites. It was General Conference weekend and our first time watching it as a family of three. Can I just say that having Tavin just seems to make everything more fun?! This weekend was complete with good food, picnics, walks, and lots of cuddles.
This was also one of the few Conferences I can remember where I watched all four sessions consistently. Usually I miss a session or both on Saturday and have to catch up later, but Tavin was a complete angel baby during all of it and napped through almost every session. I can't even begin to say what an amazing feeling it was to be listening, next to Brady with Tavin in my arms. Those two guys have my whole entire heart.

 We started the good old tradition of cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning. In fact I have to say how lucky I am that we had them...Brady woke up at 5:30 in the morning just so they would be hot and ready when Conference started. (One way he has won my heart is through my stomach.) He also made chicken cordon blue casserole (Both recipes are from Mel's Kitchen Cafe). Holy yum.
Honestly, I am sad conference is over it brought such a sweet spirit in our home to have it on, but I look forward to now studying the messages and refocusing and re-prioritizing what I do. I have a lot to work on and am grateful for a forgiving Savior who allows me to learn and become a better person. I love this gospel and am humbled to have grown up with it and learned for myself of its truth.


Sunday was also a special day because Tavin turned three months...what?? They honestly have been the best three months of my life. He is changing and growing each and everyday. I am deeply grateful I can spend my days with him and watch each and every moment. Sunday he even rolled over for the first time! I couldn't believe it but he only did it once so maybe it was a fluke? He is getting quite the personality and is either grinning from ear to ear or demanding attention. Other fun three month things on Tavin:

loves bath time 
loves his binki
always wakes up talking and smiling in the morning
loves to play air plane (seriously is going to give me some buff arms)
loves looking at books
is starting to grab onto toys and put them in his mouth
loves walks (only in his carrier, he cries the whole time in his stroller)
starting to "talk" and coos all the time
always has his toes curled
is constantly WET. He drools uncontrollably all. day. long.
eats his hands and tries to put his whole fist in his mouth
loves when you help him sit up and stand
loves to be swaddled and is still the "snugglist" baby in the world

Oh I love being his mama more then anything!

always has his hands folded and his fingers in his mouth
one month, two months, three months

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