Friday, June 20, 2014

thirty-eight weeks.

How Far Along? 38 weeks.
Total Weight Gain: 21 pounds
Maternity Clothes? Nope.
Stretch Marks? No.
Sleep: It has been worse that is for sure. Still lots of trips to the bathroom, sore hips and I have had lower back pain when I lay for too long.
Best Moment of the Week: I have been in serious nesting mode. It is a nice feeling to know our house is all put together and cleaner than ever. We are so ready to bring him home.
Miss Anything? I am going to miss being pregnant. It has been a rough journey and a lot harder than I ever imagined. My body had a rough time but I am grateful we have both been healthy and strong. There is nothing like feeling him move and kick and squirm. It has been an absolute incredible experience.
Movement: He is so big now that his movements can be a little painful, but he is moving great!
Food Cravings: Kari Ann’s (amazing Italian ice and gelato place) I am needing one so bad right now!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Tuna Fish and Onions
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: At our appointment yesterday I am still dilated to a 2 and 75% effaced. I have had a lot more pressure and lower back pain. I also get Braxton hicks when I go walking but they stop when I get home.
Symptoms: I think “labor signs” are a good symptom!
Belly Button In or Out? Out!
Wedding Rings On or Off? On!
Happy or Moody Most of The Time: Happy! I feel a little impatient at moments but it is just because I am so excited and ready to hold him!

Looking Forward To: The big day!

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