Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm It!

 My super cute, super sweet friend, Jenna tagged me in a blog questionnaire and it looked so fun. We are getting ready to move this Saturday….crazy!! And it was a nice distraction. More on the move to come and I SWEAR I am taking some pictures of the occasion. {Rexburg or BUST}…

1.       Your life is going to become a script for a movie. Who would play you?

I wish it would be Audrey Hepburn. I love her! But maybe Brittany Snow or Elizabeth McGovern. I have been told multiple times in my life that I look like Brittany Snow and I recently went dark brown and my sister told me I look like Elizabeth McGovern (the mother on Downton Abbey) She is a lot older than me…so not sure how I feel about this one J

2.       What is your most embarrassing moment?

Sadly, I can’t just say there is one moment that stands out. There are MULTIPLE moments for me. Even though I seriously try to think before I say things I sometimes make comments without thinking and I sound like a true blonde. But it was pretty embarrassing when I judged a horse show back in August in Blackfoot, ID. I  drove up late the night before in my pjs and the next morning I woke up to get ready for it and realized I had forgot a bra! It’s a good thing it was a warm day!! WOW..

3.       What are three things you cannot live without?

Brady Jay Anderson, a horse to ride, my sisters

4.       What is at the top of your bucket list?

Ride at either the world AQHA show or Appaloosa worlds

5.       Favorite Vacation Destination?

I honestly have not been on a lot of vacations! Pathetic. But number one to go to is Europe (London, Paris, Rome) and I really want to see Disneyland!

6.       What is your favorite holiday?

The 4th of July! So weird but I LOVE summer more then I explain (so why are we moving to the North Pole?) and I usually eat maybe 14 s’mores that day.

7.       What movie makes you cry?

After I cry once in a movie, if I watch it again, I don’t cry. But I cry a lot the first time. However  the ONE that I dread watching every Christmas cause I know I will bawl is Nora’s Christmas Gift. Ugh…how could you not when she drops the salt in the toffee?

8.       What is your least favorite word?

Pee. I don’t say this word. Ask my husband. I think it’s disgusting. And the fact that I always have to use spell check on the word definitely I always spell it definatly

9.       What is your favorite quality about yourself?

At the moment it’s that I survived teaching my seven year old primary class and at the end they all gave me hugs and cards. I got pretty teary-eyed. I am going to miss them.

10.   What are your favorite places to shop?

H&M, Gordman’s, Rue 21, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Farmer’s Markets, Big Lots and Tiffany’s (not that I actually “shop” there…I just LOVE that store…thank you City Creek Mall)

11.   What is your biggest pet peeve?

At the moment, my pot smoking, beer drinking, partying neighbors. I will not miss you. But I have a really hard time with a messy house. I am a little anal about cleanliness and all these boxes stacked in our living room are driving me nuts!

So who will I tag? Taja! You’re it!

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