Saturday, September 15, 2012

3 months later.

We did it. HURRAY!! We were married 3 months ago in the Twin Falls, Idaho temple. He is stuck with me for eternity. Lucky me! I have been wanting to start a blog. I have so many cute friends with blogs, I wanted to join in. We are however a little late on starting the blog in our newlywed adventures. We enjoyed one of the best summers of our lives and were having to much fun to want to sit down and write about it. But it is definatly fall time and our funloving summer is coming to an end and we are reluctantly stepping out of it. Brady started school last week and with it came a new job and and a new schedule.
During the summer Brady and I both worked as tellers for banks. (He at Washington Federal and me at University of Utah Credit Union) It was a perfect setup, Brady and I both left at 8:30 in the morning and he got home at 5 and me 6, so we had some wonderful evenings exploring the exciting Salt Lake City and making weekend trips to Burley. Now were trying to adjust to the change and I will admit I have had a harder time with it then I thought. I am trying to keep myself plenty busy but it still feels empty in our little apartment.
In trying to keep busy my wonderful mother gave me a wedding book to put together and so I have been going through wedding pictures and cards and it is so fun to think about that special day. If I could relive one day in my life I would definatly choose 6.8.12.
And that is why I thought I would share "just a few."
Our sweet neice Adelyn waiting patiently. She wore her shades all day, haha so cute! Just like her dad!
Sara's cute sibs
Nelson's & Anderson's

Parents and Grandparents
Abby and Molly, I have the best sisters!
My little bros, I love these guys so much!
The Anderson Clan. We all have so much fun with each other! 4 sibling married within a year and a half, we can't wait for future family reunions and family parties!
Jaysan, Brady and Aaron
Ainsley and Brook, Beautiful sisters!
Sara is so happy, finally a neice and nephew to spoil!
We love these little boys to death! Barrett and Beckett, we babysit Beckett and seriously can never get enough of him
Haha Just thought Brady's face was to funny, I often get this look while trying to cook in the kitchen!

We have the BEST parents.

Happiest Day Ever.
I do have to add one little story before I end the very first blog...While Brady and I were engaged I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do about the wedding dress. I had thought about wearing my sister  Molly's dress but my mom persisted that I wanted to have my own to show my kids one day. So I decided that I was going to go to Burley and try on some used dresses. Before I got to Burley however my mom suggested that since I was in the "mormon marriage capital" with plenty of dresses and shops I should look around and decide what I really liked. I found a little shop near my work and called to set up an appointment. The lady asked me my budget and then kind of remarked that they were way out of mine but I went ahead and decided to go with full intentions that I was not buying anything. Just looking. I even convinced Brady to come with me because then he could tell me what he liked, after all he was the only one I was worried about impressing that day :) So we went together and then of course I put it on. The Dress. I sadly left the shop knowing that dress was not mine. The next day what did that wonderful fiance do? Went and bought that dress! I got off work and drove over to his brother's house, where he was living and he said there was a suprise in his room I went in there and started to cry. I had no idea! And he made me so very happy! I felt very LUCKY! He even convinved the lady that owned the shop to give him a discount on the dress and throw in the veils (that right...2!) for free!
I think I will keep him forever.

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  1. What a sweet story! Love you Sara and love the pictures. You guys are perfect together.


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