Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We have had the Halloween festivities in full force at our house. Pumpkin carving, caramel apples, and Frightmares! Last Saturday out grocery shopping I convinced Brady that we needed one of the biggest pumpkins in the pile for the two of us, and the carving commenced on Monday for Family Home Evening. Brady got home from work late that night so we had lost a little energy for the carving but our week was pretty packed and it really was one of our only chances to get it done so we kept it simple with our jack-o-lantern face but I think he still turned out fairly cute. We roasted our pumpkin seeds with brown sugar, pumpkin spice and butter and did half with Parmesan cheese and oregano...they were delicious! So here he is sitting among our little Halloween set-up. haha

Our Attempt at Caramel Apples!


Our little Halloween display!

This last weekend we celebrated at Frightmares at Lagoon. And it was a great/horrible experience! haha Anyone who knows me knows I DO NOT do scary well. There were multiple times in high school and college when I would get invited to watch scary movies and I would find myself making up lame excuses to get out of them. When really I knew if I went I would be crying myself to sleep that night. In June Brady and I went to Lagoon and had a blast so I just figured with Frightmares it would just be decorated for Halloween. We had fun riding the rides and screaming our heads off on the roller coasters but then through all of this I found myself standing in line with Brady to go into a haunted house. I was having so much fun that I didn't think twice until we were standing right in the entrance and some creepy lady was standing next to me and I screamed and slapped Brady. (I did this a lot through the house, every time I would scream I would hit him on the arm or back frantically, I don't know why...some sort of panic release I guess, sorry babe!)  This place brought me close to tears and I was shaking and nearly hyperventilating at the end.  I really don't think it would have been as bad if we hadn't gone through the one that the theme was scenes from the scariest movies. I can't even imagine how ridiculous I looked as I was panicking ready to leap into Brady's arms. We ended up having a really fun time the rest of the night but I don't think Brady realized the seriousness of taking me into a haunted house. I don't think he would want to do it again and I will happily sit outside for him next time :)
Before the Space Scrambler!

This is before the haunted house...worst experience ever.

yay! No more haunted house!

Dang I married one sexy guy ;)

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